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Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
at perryville. the left lane is closed just past the perryville exit. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> showers continue to cross to the northern part of the state. there's a chance for showers as we go through the day and into the evening hours. high temperature and the upper 70's and low 80's. we do have the possibility for showers during the ravens game. we expect temperatures at the beginning in the low 70's. now we go to sports. >> good morning. the nfl referees lockout is over. the regular officials will work the ravens game tonight. 12-2, the birds hammer the blue jays. it was home run derby against carlos villanueva. jays led 1-0 in the first. it. mclouth ties jim thome, home run. manny machado. he has five home runs. chris davis, a big blast, number 27. 6-2 orioles. mark reynolds, home run number 23. 8-2. manny now has six home runs. 12-2 is the final. seven home runs ties a team record. what a night last night at camden yards. ravens and brown's tonight and the real officials will work the game. the regular refs be in town to work the game. the quarterback is 28 years old.
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
dealing with lightning along perryville and slide further off toward the west, with delta and bel air, you have light rain across the air. all in all we will get a break and more showers possible even as we go through the rest of this morning. and we'll get more sun and clouds mixing in throughout the day. we'll see if we get as much sunshine as yesterday. and that helped boost the temperatures to 80 degrees. temperatures are mild, 67 degrees in arnold, 61 in bethesda and we will look at the hour by hour forecast and warm things up once again for today. we have that southerly flow going on this morning. 77 degrees by lunchtime. by this afternoon, that's the high temperature i'm going with 80 degrees. a sun cloud mix in the chance for some rain. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning, you have lot offense accidents to talk about. >> the rain causing a terrible commute. we have some trouble on the jfx. we're dealing with a new accident on the northbound lane of northern parkway. there's another crash owner pulaski highway that you want to watch out for and
Sep 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
the perryville percent in august.that's compared with the same month last monnh. ((nats))operators blame increased competition from maryland live at aruudel mills. thht's why they oppose puilding another princeegeorge's county. (brochin) "it just shows us thht even with five casinos, the irony is you add this sixth casino, you don't know whht's going to happen at maryland live afttr that.""" new world class resort casino in maryland."but groups...supporting the referendum to expand gambling...are fightin back. their ads...claim another casino either at the national harbor...or at rosecroft thousands of permanent jobs. several million dollars...have already been pentby both influence the public. (brochinn "and you have propaganda on both sides...both casinos are...wwo knows what's right and fter you finished listening to ttis, you're not going to know what's right." both sides in this gambling battle....are expected... to effortsto 3 ""nfluence"... the voters.john rydell, fox 45 neww at 5:30. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor ha
Sep 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
... county. revenue... at... hollywood casino... in... perryville.../ p declined... nearly... 24-percent... in.. august....// compared... to ... august... last year...//. operators... blame... more competition... from... the... new... maryllnd live casino... at... arundel mills...///.that's... why... hollywood.../ is... still planning... to... reeurn... "500"... of... &pits... 15-hundred... slot machines... back... to the state. (bbochin) "i mean who gives back slot machines, i've never heard of that before. i mean talk aboot aagame of craps, adding a sixth casino without any knowledge of the impact is marylanders, i think it's a bad idea." idea."senator ...jim brochin ...still opposes buildiig.... a... 6--tt casino.. in... p--g... county....// as... the... demooratic convention... continues... / governor... o'malley... took... the podium ... &p last night... in... prime time.../ emphasizing... one... key phrase... phrase...forward not backward backwardone... dellgate there... said... he fired them up ...
Sep 11, 2012 5:30pm EDT
casino in perryville...and in charlestown, west virginia. the company fears...that another casino...will cut...into their profits. (davis) "annoyance first off, second of all, propaganda what they're not telling you." (platte) "i ttink that it's all about money, somebody getting rich off of it." (rydell) "but some political experts say the explosion in big casinos s no surprise given the fact that tens, if not hundreds of millions of (kromer) "it's a game of - numbers it's whoever's side can win the day, who caa get the most people to vote for or against theer ballott referendum."and for casino companies...the money keeps flowing. john rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30. can... the mayor and her family... use... freee tickets to attend... high profile concerts ... at... 1st mariner arena.../ wiihoutt.. violating... the ciiy's... ethics code? it's... a question ... the city's... pthics board... was hoping to answer today ... at... it's monthly meeting.../ until... they.. hit a roadblock..... key... documents... the board requested... last month..
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
national...whicc owns hollywood casino in perryville. the company fears...that another casino...will cutt..into their business. (davis) "annoyance first off, second of all, proppganda what they're not telling you." (platte) "i think that it's all about money, somebody getting rich off of it." (rydell) "but some pplitical experts say thh explosion in bbg casinos is no surprise given the fact that tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, are at stake." (kromer) "you see the vast amount of moneyythat is pouring in so not only do they have the money, they also thhnk that theirrmoney can make a difference."mileah a political science proffssor at goucher to launch a series of public oppnion polls on gambling...and other ballot issues.(kromer) "it's a game of numbers it's whoever's side can win the day, who can get the most people to vote for or against their baalot referendum."and among casino companies...the advertising dollars...keeps flowing. john rydell, fox 45 news...late editton. four years ago.. county.../ approved.... the first referendum ... to... legalize...
Sep 19, 2012 5:30pm EDT
.penn perryville...and... in charlestown, west virginia. (miller) "they want to keep the flow of money coming from maryland to west virginia, this is about orioles versus west virginia, this is aboutt the ravens versus west virginia, t's natty boh versus west virrinia."state comptroller...peter not concerned as those gambling ads.he's upsst...that casino companies have spent neaaly 20-million dollars...trying to influence maryland voters..(franchot) "well, what yoo're witnessing is the purchase of maryland state government. i've never seen anyyhing as brazen andd just completely out in the open."(rydell) annapolis, john rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." a lot of kids dream of being a rock star when they grow up. select kids here in maryland: that dream has already come true.paul gessler joins us to explain how. jenniffr, jeff--you both are beautiful..o are the kids at john's hopkins pediatric oocology clinic.if you don't belleve me...listen tt this. (one direction's "what makes you beautiful") from music world like nobody else, the way ou flip your hai
Sep 14, 2012 5:30am EDT
the first day of class. in one incident, a student was shot in perryville high school. and on tuesday, a student showed up with a handgun where police said that he threatened a teacher owner students. today the leaders will lay out a safety plan and they will help the teachers and the students to understand their role in the plan. to be aware of your surroundings. if you see something, say something. and they'll have an updated support systemtor staff and students -- system for staff and students and that includes an anonymous tip line. they hope to hire a security director. and the superintendent will have a little video on the county school's website talking about the security and safety plan. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news." >>> students and staff at prince george's county high school are paying tribute to a student who was shot to death this week. a memorial tribute will be held today and it's planned for 2:00 this afternoon on the football field of central high school. students are being asked to wear light blue shirts and they will release light blue ball
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
at the hospital. he is from perryville. the driver of the car and passengers weren't hurt. >>> the new school year already includes a high school shooting and a gun brought to a middle school. the question for frightened parents and students, what will be done to make schools safer as jeff reports they have answers from the county's new superintendent. >> reporter: long before a 15- year-old student boarded a bus for his first day of school with a gun, some perry hall students became aware of a message through social media why which robert gladden junior claimed it would be the last day oof his life. now the school system is encouraging students to report anything suspicious through a new safe school tips hotline. > if you see anything on the social media site. if you see or hear anything at after school programs, anything f you aren't even at school but hear something, let us know. we want the information. we will work with police to determine whether it's legit. don't hesitate to talk and let us know. >> reporter: the school system is expanding its offices, safety and security adding another d
Sep 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
now the top speed is 150 miles per hour between perryville and trent new jersey 135. amtrak is hoping to safelyly increase the limit to get you to your destination a little sooner. >>> it's a staple in most kitchens. kids love it and want it on everything. we are talking about peanut butter. a recall this morning has expanded raising more concerns for families and the government. sherrie johnson has details and it's bigger than originally thought. >> reporter: question. -- yes. the large-scale recall for valencia peanut butter is for nut butter at stores across the country. this includes almond butter and peanut but theer with flax seed sold under archer farms. only trader joe's has been linked to salmonella but the product has been linked to 29 cases of sam nilna in 18 -- salmonella in 18 states. more than 3/4 of those that became ill were children under a 18. there have been reported illness of three cases in massachusetts one in rhode island and one in north carolina many people became sick between june 11th and september 2nd. salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal cram
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
about its casino in west virginia, it's angry its slots palace in perryville, maryland, was the only one that did not get one of those tax breaks. >> politicians promise question 7 will create jobs, but we've heard those empty claims before and a loophole allows politicians to get away with providing no added revenue to students in the classroom. >> it is true that slots palaces brought in fewer jobs and a whole lot less money than predicted, but loophole, a little weird. more money in the education truss fund means politicians -- trust fund means politicians can cut money for education from the general fund, but is that really a loophole? bottom line, both sides are misleading and you cannot believe everything you hear on tv. >> i don't know. between the gambling and political ads, we're giving that mispleading staff a workout, aren't we? >> no kidding. we'll get to those political ads soon. >> back to you, anita. >>> we've got breaking news, lesli. two u.s. marines have been killed in an attack on the nato base in afghanistan. officials are saying insurgents attacked british air base c
Sep 28, 2012 4:30am EDT
, this is sliding towards jarrettsville, bel aire will get in on this as well and perryville. perryman, this will cross over the bay and things will begin to improve as we head through the morning hours. temperatures once again quite mild this morning. you don't need that jacket as you step out the door. the hour-by-hour forecast brings us up to about 77 degrees by lunchtime with some sun and some clouds. let's get a check now of abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning, lauren. >>reporter: good morning. we are dealing with breaking news in anne arundel county. there is a two-alarm fire on bee street. we'll, of course, bring you the very latest developments as they become available. we are dealing with quite a bit of rain and fog this morning, so you do have to be extra careful getting to work. unfortunately -- fortunately there's nothing getting in your way if you use the jfx. 11 minutes traveling southbound from 695 all the way to fayette street. everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. as we take a look outside,
Sep 25, 2012 4:55am EDT
. a stretch of that track is being tested from perryville to wilmington delaware and currently they have a speed of 135 miles per hour. >>> prescription drug abuse with young people in the united states dropped to a record low. that was the case last year. you might be wondering why. doctors do have some ideas. we will tell you what they say and what need to be done to keep this those numbers down. details straight ahead. >> reporter: eight games to play and game and a half behind the yankees. who would have thought it october baseball in baltimore. the o's in the homestretch. reaction coming up in a bit. >> and we are dealing with nor below average -- with another below average start. warmer temperatures are on the way. when it will arrive and how long it will last. >> reporter: everything is up to speed here on 95 at route 152 in bel air. but i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 695 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, gluten-free c
Sep 19, 2012 4:30am EDT
of baltimore in perryville and own a casino in charles town, west virginia just across the maryland boarder. we call that skinning the game. >> spend the money now and save money later. >> a lot of money around. terrible. thanks, jess. >>> a new drug intended to help fight obesity is available now. >> we're back in two minutes with more on that story. plus, your weather first. we've got a cooldown coming your way. >>> good morning. welcome back to nine fine now. 4:45. we're mid week. i was out driving, not sensible because i shouldn't have been out but the dogs didn't have any food. fire coming from an electric transformer. i was like oh, my goodness. this was something else yesterday. >> it was a little too exciting for a lot of people. i was impressed with the amount of leaves being blown around by the winds before the main line of storms came in yesterday. yeah, very windy day. we had some damage. we don't want to make light of that but overall the damage was not that widespread. i think that's a fortunate thing. here's a look at our bus stop forecast this morning. i'm recommending a jacket
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
hollywood casinos in charlestown, west virginia, and perryville, maryland. the montgomery, prince george's and howard county executives are urging maryland voters to approve table games and building a casino at national harbor, saying it will mean thousands of new jobs, and $200 million in revenue for the state for education. >> what happens if we don't get that $200 million? >> it means the local communities will be on the stake for part of that. >> frankly, i didn't like the fact that an out-of-state interest is putting $5.5 million into a campaign telling marylanders how to vote. >> check the facts for yourself, vote no on question 7. >> reporter: news4 today received a statement from the group on vote no saying their promises of new jobs and increased education funding to be blatantly misleading. millions of dollars are being spent on ads by both sides. >> i will be voting for it. because in the hopes that they will bring more jobs to maryland. particularly prince george's county. >> i would definitely be against it. i think it will create issues and problems in the area. >> reporter
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
on four stretches of track, including the route between perryville, maryland, and wilmington, delaware. some trains will run at 165 miles an hour during the overnight hours. the testing is part of a $450 million project paid for by the federal high-speed rail program. amtrak says the tts will not have any impact on normal operations. >>> nice fall day outside. and a cool evening out there. enjoy this weather while you can, because there are some changes coming this week. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer has more on what we can expect. hey, doug. >> hi, doreen. this evening you'll probably need a jacket as you step out, over the next couple of days, it may be the umbrellas you could be needing. 68 degrees right now, with winds out of the west at about 3 miles per hour. 64 in gaithersburg. 64 in winchester. still 70 in culpepper, the warm spot. temperatures today about as cool as they've been since late april. how about that. some very cool air. no rain out there right now. but that's going to be changing over the next couple of days. we're going to have a frontal boundary drape
Sep 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
... numbers aaother drop betting.... at... in... cecil revenue... in... perryville.../ declined... nearly... 24-percent... &p in.. august....// compared... to ... august... last yyar...//. operators... blame... more from... the... new... maryland live casino... at... arundel mills...///.that's... p why... hollywood.../ is... still planning... to... retuun... "500"... of... its... 15-hundred... slot machines... back... to the state. (brochin) "i mean who gives back slot machines, i've never heerd of that before. i mean talk aboutta gamm of craps, adding a sixth casino without any knowledge of the impact is really rolling the dice with marylanderss i thinkkit's a bad idea." idea."senator ...jim brochin ...still opposes building... a... 6--th casino.. in... p--g... county....// both... sides... are expected to spend millions of dollars... between now ...and... election day orranzers ... of... this year's... grand prix... say.../ they're... already... planning... for next year..../ and...
Sep 13, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in charlestown, west virginia, and perryville, maryland. penn national opposes question 7, because as worded, the casino would be awarded to national harbor. penn national wants expanded casino gambling here to increase attendance. so do players who bet on simulcast racing. >> i think it would be great for the community. this track's been here, it really has gone downhill over the last couple of years and i think it needs to be revived. it's great place to be. >> reporter: maryland live in rundel mills expanded yesterday, making it the third largest commercial casino in the country. maryland live is opposed to any new casino in prince george's county saying it made a huge investment here, relying on maryland lawmakers that it would be the closest casino to the washington suburbs, and it doesn't want its customer base cannibalized by a sixth casino in maryland. the strongest opposition to casino gambling in maryland comes from the clergy. it's expected this fall preachers will take to the pulpit delivering sermons against the sins of gambling. that's the latest live in prince george's county,
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, west virginia, and perryville, maryland. penn national opposes question 7, because as worded, the casino would be awarded to national harbor. penn national wants expanded casino gambling here. this is the winner's circle at rosecroft where live racing returns this weekend, on saturdays and tuesdays. but horse owners and breeders and drivers say if rosecroft doesn't get into the casino gambling business, their futures may be bleak. >> if it doesn't come here, and we don't have it at rosecroft, and if rosecroft doesn't survive or go, it's just another number that's going to have to move out of the state, that i'll have to move my operation, my farm, and my breeding establishment. >> reporter: maryland live in rundel mills which opened this summer expanded yesterday, making it the third largest commercial casino in the country. maryland live is opposed to any new casino in prince george's county, saying it made a huge investment here, relying on maryland lawmakers that it would be the closest casino to the washington suburbs. and it doesn't want its customer base cannibalized by
Sep 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
stretches of track, including the route between perryville, maryland, and wilmington, delaware. the trains will run at 165 miles per hour, matching the rail speed record. the trains currently run from 135 to 150 miles per hour. it's part of an ongoing project to upgrade rail systems for future high speed rail. >>> facebook shares fell another 1.9% yesterday. they reacted to reports of a possible security bug. online news sites were reporting private messages were appearing on some facebook users' public time lines. that rumor turned out to be false. >>> toys 'r us has the perfect gift for anyone looking to make a little extra cash this holiday season, a job. the company is hiring 45,000 seasonal workers to staff its pop-up stores and help handle the rush of online orders. that's 5,000 seasonal workers more than it hired last year, and some of the temporary jobs could become permanent. about 15% of last year's holiday workers became full-time employees. >>> and it's not all good news for toys 'r us. the retailer is part of a lawsuit. shartia brantley is live with more. >>> toys 'r us is bei
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
perryville, maryland, and wilmington, delaware. the trains will run at 165 miles per hour, matching the u.s. rail speed record. the testing is part of a $450 million project to upgrade rail systems for future high speed rail. >>> president obama will be in new york today. he'll address the united nations general assembly. this video is from two years ago when he last spoke before the international body. the white house says the president will discuss several foreign policy issues, including violent protests in the middle east. here's an excerpt from his prepared remarks just released. the attacks on the last two weeks are not simply an assault on america, they're also an assault on the very ideals on which the united states was fou founded. the president will say we must do what we can to stop iran getting nuclear weapons. mitt romney is criticizing the president over comments he made about the protest in the middle east on "60 minutes." the republican presidential nominee says the president is down playing the violence when he described the protests as, quote, road bumps on the path to p
Sep 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
see heavier in the yellows, towards perryville, also up towards delta, some of the heavy rain along i-83, dealing with wet weather this morning. the roads are slick once again as we slide towards the west, wet weather light in nature around mount airy, reisterstown, owings mills, randal and westminster. the heaviest is off towards western maryland in annapolis, still dry but are dealing with cloudy conditions this morning. now a check of the traffic with loren. >>> we are dealing with several accidents, the rain leading to a hectic commute. trouble on the west side of the beltway, a crash in the outer loop, 795, parkville, beltway, major improvements on the inner loop. we have a crash in essex, marlin avenue, harford county, slammed with heavy rain, watchout for an accident in bel factory road. >>> couple of minutes away from 9:00. we will send you to the doctors. our news starts at 4:30 this the morning, have a great day. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our store to real
Sep 10, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, the reynolds track perryville battlefield in kentucky, the slaughter pen farm, fredericksburg battlefield in virginia, and so forth. and 2489 would allow the american battlefield protection program to collaborate with state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and willing sellers, and i do want to emphasize that point, to protect the most endangered historical sites and to provide up to half the costs of purchasing battlefield land threatened by sprawl and commercial development. from lexington, where the shot was heard round the world to gettysburg, where lincoln brilliantly summarized the description of the conception and proposition of our nation, the stories of the american revolution and the civil war bring to life the ideals of liberty and democracy, fostered by our founders. unfortunately urbanization, suburban sprawl and unplanned commercial and residential development are constantly encroaching on many of the significant battlefields of the revolutionary war, the war of 1812 and the civil war. this encroachment poses a severe and growing risk to the preservation of the
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23